We’re in the newspaper!

I was very excited to open the Westmorland Gazette this week and see a full page article about South Cumbria Breastfeeding Support’s launch as a charity. It’s great to see the groups get such positive publicity in the media. Hopefully any mums-to-be reading this week’s paper will see it, and know that the groups are there for them.

We want to make sure that everyone knows that the groups provide a social setting¬†for mums who are breastfeeding. Whilst we do help mums who have breastfeeding difficulties, a big part of what we do is simply to give mums somewhere to come that they can be together, supporting each other on their breastfeeding journies. A few generations ago, society would have provided that in everyday life: girls would have grown up seeing women breastfeed, and having confidence in their own ability to do that. Sadly, we just don’t have that in the UK at the moment, and that’s why the groups are there: to provide a community within which breastfeeding is ordinary.

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