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South Cumbria Breastfeeding Support (SCBS)  launched The Breast Friend Award in 2017. It aims to acknowledge and celebrate good practice in breastfeeding support within the NHS, in and around South Cumbria. The award is made to an NHS Health Professional who has made a significant positive difference to the breastfeeding experience of families in South Cumbria. Nominations are now open for the 2020 award.


We love to hear good news stories, and to publicise and celebrate good practice, so please nominate your NHS Breast Friend using our simple nomination form. Nominations close on 29th May 2020, so please don’t wait! You can make as many nominations as you would like.


The award aims to:

● raise awareness of the importance of good support for breastfeeding within the NHS.

● highlight and celebrate good practice in the area of breastfeeding support by Health Professionals

Any NHS Health Professional working in South Cumbria, or who has worked with a family who lives in this area can be nominated. This could include, for example, Midwives, Maternity Assistants, Health Visitors, Obstetricians, GPs, Nurses, Paediatricians or Dieticians.


How is it decided?

● parents who live in South Cumbria, or who have received breastfeeding support from the NHS in South Cumbria, can nominate an NHS Health Professional, using a simple form on our website

● a panel made up of SCBS trustees, NHS representatives and local parents will consider all the applications and choose one nomination for a public ‘Thank you.’

● we aim to tell everyone who receives a nomination that they have been nominated, since it is always lovely to hear that your work has had a positive impact and has been valued

● the ‘winner’ must have made a significant positive difference to a family’s breastfeeding experience

● the support offered must reflect current good practice in breastfeeding support

● nominations can be made at any time, with the award made annually

Select the link below to complete the nomination form – Many Thanks!

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