Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Who are the groups for?

The groups are for any mum who would like to come and meet up with other breastfeeding mums, or to get support with any aspect of breastfeeding. Young mum, older mum, single, married, LGBT, the group is there for you.

I don’t need any ‘help’. Can I still come to the group?

Yes, absolutely. The groups are welcoming social places, where mums meet like-minded people. You don’t need to have a breastfeeding ‘problem’ to come along.

I’m not exclusively breastfeeding. Can I still come?

Yes! Mums who are giving formula top-ups are very welcome to come. If you’d like to increase the amount of breastmilk that your baby is getting, we can help you with that.

Do you just talk about breastfeeding?!

No! Mums talk about the usual things that mums talk about. Many mums do, however, value having a place that they can come and talk about their breastfeeding experiences where they will feel supported.

Do you have to book in advance, or pay?

No. The groups are free, and there’s no need to book. If you would like to make a donation, to help us to support mums in the future, you are very welcome to do that.

Do the groups run in term time?

Whenever possible, we run during holiday time too. This depends on the availability of the rooms that we use. You can check for any changes on our News section, or our Facebook page.