Our weekly Mums' groups

We run 3 free, weekly groups: Kendal Mums, Ulverston Mums and Windermere Mums.

Mums come to spend time with other mums who are breastfeeding and to feel part of a social group that will always support them.

Skilled breastfeeding support from a Breastfeeding Counsellor who is also a Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) is available at Kendal Mums and Windermere Mums. Ulverston Mums is run by experienced Peer Supporters, plus a visit from the Lactation Consultant once every month. Breastfeeding is meant to be enjoyable, and we help mums to make sure that it is.

The groups are free and there is no need to book. Mums are welcome to bring a partner, friend, or family member with them – we know that it’s sometimes a challenge to get out of the house when you have a newborn – and older siblings are welcome too.

At Kendal Mums we have regular ‘Nurse and Natter’ sessions. These are informal group discussions around topics that are common concerns. Topics have included ‘Expectations and reality’ and ‘The ups and downs of motherhood and breastfeeding’. These informal but confidential group discussions sometimes provide the first place that a new mum can discover that she is not the only mum who sometimes finds things challenging. At Windermere Mums, we have regular ‘Nurtured Mummy’, where a local massage therapist visits to give free mini-massages to mums. Mums spend their time looking after their little one, but mums need looking after too. These sessions are always very popular, so do try to arrive early if you’re hoping for a mini-massage! Details of all our events are on our Facebook events page.

Grupa w Kendal oferuje wsparcie dla mam karmiących piersią w języku polskim.

CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR 2019-2020: All groups are open until Monday 23rd December. Then all groups closed over Christmas and New Year, re-opening on Monday 6th January. If you need breastfeeding support in the meantime, the National Breastfeeding Helpline is open every day from 9.30am-9.30pm on 0300 100 0212.

Mondays 9.30-11.30

The Emmanuel Centre
Mill Street
LA12 7EB

This group is run by experienced Peer Supporters. A Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) is available once a month, generally the first Monday of each month.

This group is closed on December 30th 2019

Thursdays 9.30-11.30

Ghyllside Neighbourhood Centre
Attached to Ghyllside School,
Kendal, Cumbria, LA9 4JB

Parking and how to find the Neighbourhood Centre:
Free, unrestricted parking on Well Ings. The Neighbourhood Centre is not the most obvious place to find. There's a little footpath that connects Greengate Lane and Gillinggate. Walk along this path, and half way along you'll find a gate into a school playground. Go through the gate and enter the building via the first door on the left. This is the Neighbourhood Centre.

This group is closed on December 26th 2019 and January 2nd 2020. We re-open on January 9th.

Fridays 9.30-11.30

The Phoenix Centre (upstairs, but there is a lift)
Phoenix Way
LA23 1BZ

Free parking at The Phoenix Centre.

This group is closed on December 27th 2019 and January 3rd 2020. We re-open on January 10th 2020.

If the support we offer a mum is beyond the routine, we liaise with her Health Care Provider, with the mother’s consent, to provide joined-up support for her.

You can read about mums’ experiences here.