Infant feeding in emergencies

It has never been more important to breastfeed your baby whenever possible. If you are using formula, it is vitally important that this is done safely in these challenging times. Local Infant Feeding leads have worked together to provide you with some key information about where to get breastfeeding support, and about safe formula feeding.

Everyone at South Cumbria Breastfeeding Support wishes you and your family well.

Below we have provided information for breastfeeding support and formula feeding support on separate pages, but of course it may be that as a family you need to access both. It has been agreed across Lancashire & South Cumbria that what have been known as ‘breastfeeding peer supporters’ will be offering support and information to ALL families about all things infant feeding in the immediate future, not only breastfeeding families requiring breastfeeding information.

Information for breastfeeding Mothers

Information for families who are formula feeding